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Who Are We ?

Headquartered in Mumbai, Market Diggers was founded in 2018 by like-minded enthusiasts. Market Diggers is a tech-driven data and insights company that divulges the spectrum of market research across several verticals.

We promise data visualization at the speed of thought! We help brands, services, and media owners identify, connect and engage with more people to seek their views and feedback. This helps our clients to reach their full potential and deliver the best of their business. Our solutions help businesses to reveal trends and patterns in data which lead to better decision-making.

Our strategies enable you to explore new business opportunities, react faster to changing market dynamics, and optimize your campaigns. Adapting and implementing technology mindfully is our way to reach the unreachable demographic.

Furthermore, we excel in the digital world with our top-notch digital marketing experts. We ensure a robust digital environment for your brand with strong growth strategies, spectacular campaigns and skyrocketing sales.

Market Diggers is a one-stop-shop solution to uncover insights in real-time as well as expand the digital horizon.

More than 50 markets around the world are served by our field support and data collection. Our dedicated research division in Mumbai, India, provides full-service research. With the help of cutting-edge technology, adept professionals, and an extensive research team we provide pre-eminent field support.

Our goal is to provide suitable solutions that are designed on frugal, agile innovation and add real value, to help clients make impactful decisions. By leveraging on its large array of syndicated services and specialist divisions, Market Diggers help clients in crafting, marketing, and consumer strategies. We have created strategies and frameworks for global clients using the expertise and knowledge of emerging markets. Our fast and high-quality services will allow you to:

  • Identify strategies for attracting and retaining high-paying customers
  • Increase your productivity and helps managing your time better
  • Cost-effectiveness with quality data

We take pride in setting and developing strategic standards as well as focusing on innovation. By blending innovation and analytical thinking to design customized solutions for our clients, we have formed strong and rewarding relationships.

What sets us apart?

  • There are no setup fees and no minimum fees.
  • We provide flexibility in costing, timing, process, and procedures.
  • Market Diggers consists of friendly and enthusiastic staff with a consultative approach.

Moreover, we have established our name in the digital universe to cater to the services that are shaped by professionals, and validated by our digital experts. Through our unique approach, we are able to execute digital projects including social media, PR and designs that stand out in the contemporary marketplace.

Market Research Services

Survey Programming

  • Your business needs to grow and adapt to changing dynamics of operations. To make necessary changes, you need to collect and analyze data vital to your company.
  • Nevertheless, developing a questionnaire, gathering the data, and analyzing it manually can be a tedious process. But we at Market Diggers make the process meteoric and easy. Using our survey programming services.
  • By utilizing distinctive and diverse study devices, Market Diggers' research assists in planning and programming surveys. A realistic and logical approach allows the client to enjoy all the essentials from the basic to the complex.
  • We cater everything from designing the questionnaire to tabulation of data. Our programmers are experts in programming surveys and can program simple to complex multilingual questionnaires. We further process, clean, and tabulate data by churning meaningful analysis and managing conversions across data file formats.
  • Our team leverages the latest technologies to ensure the utmost quality and perfection in backend coding, logic, and crucial work while creating the most engaging and interactive survey experience for your participants. We, at Market Diggers, develop responsive design templates to run surveys on any device and specialize in all popular technologies (CAWI, CAPI, CATI, TAPI, etc.).

Data Cleaning and Data Processing

  • Adding data cleansing and processing services to a business helps boost productivity and improve ROI by validating the relevance of data. The data must be indexed, processed, and analyzed to meet business objectives. A clean, coherent, and up-to-date database aids in data analysis, uncovering actionable insights, and providing business intelligence which is vital to success.
  • At Market Diggers, we provide clean, consistent, and up-to-date data. Your business will witness skyrocketing growth with custom data cleansing and formatting services.
  • Our services include converting data into the desired format, deleting obsolete entries, indexing in assigned fields, performing RI checks, cleaning mailing lists, etc. The team consists of adept professionals who use a variety of techniques that are accurate and completely reliable.
  • Market Diggers enables you to make informed decisions by transforming market research numbers and data into visually appealing reports, graphs and charts. To present research findings effectively, we use data visualization technology, dashboards, and graphic presentations. We can provide you with the following components of both reporting and data analysis to ensure quality in your data and clear insights:
    • Custom Reporting
    • Simple And Crossed Frequencies
    • Principal Component Analysis Or Clustering.

Online Panel


  • B2C metrics are by far the most popular group of marketing and social research conducted in business settings. In B2C (Business to consumer) surveys, respondents can provide valuable information about their characteristics, possessions, experiences, opinions, attitudes, needs, and knowledge about a particular subject.
  • You can make exceptional decisions from market research insights whether you're contemplating a new product category or looking for ways to solve your business challenges. As a marketing outsourcing company, Market Diggers provides clients with a full suite of market research services and data analytics solutions. We have an online reach of 450,000 global consumers including emerging markets.


  • Market research for B2B products or services requires a specialized approach since business users have unique perceptions and behavior patterns regarding these products/services. There are differences in B2B value chains, the mindset of B2B buyers, and the way these buyers choose products or services. Therefore, B2B market research is necessary for any brand to establish its global presence.
  • Respondents in B2B research projects are mostly company representatives. At Market Diggers, we conduct the B2B surveys typically involving employees, managers, management board members, CFOs, CXOs, and presidents of large companies. Our client's research objectives and needs determine the type of respondent profile to be used in each B2B research project. The research methodology is also adapted accordingly.
  • We make use of CAWI surveys as they do not require interviewers to be trained and can be distributed widely, they can be useful for gathering quick insights from large sample sizes. We leverage the top platforms to ensure the survey is engaging for the respondents on the front end while maintaining the highest quality protocols on the back end.

Patient and Nurse

  • To sustain the developing competitive edge in a healthcare industry that requires cross-cutting approaches and clear-cut strategies to intervene in the different areas of medicines, it is important to get an insight into where the requirement is abundant.
  • Market Diggers help you to thoroughly understand technical issues and often complex regulations in this area by getting valuable data insights. At present, we conduct surveys for Diabetic patients and help healthcare industries to reach out to the unreachable.
  • With our extensive database, we enable you to quickly find opinion leaders in the medical and hospital sectors, specialists in a wide variety of fields, patients with diabetes, nurses, and caregivers. With more than 35000 patients on record across the globe, we have catered precise analysis to multiple pharma companies and helped them in their extensive research.

Latest Case Studies

Segmentation Study for Personal Auto Insurance Buyers

Market Diggers worked with a leading insurance firm on reevaluating strategies.

Objective: The research objective was to determine whether direct marketing would help increase market share, marketing themes and product features that could be used to differentiate it in different market segments, the potential profitability of different segments.

Approach: Different segments of the sector were identified on the basis of 17-22% of the market. Sectors identified were Non traditionals, Hassle Free, Agent Loyals, Direct Customers, and Budget Conscious. All the segments were carefully studied and analyzed for the business driven by each segment.

Outcome: The study helped the client to understand the segments in which client can remove the agents and work hassle free with no loss to the companies profits.

Identifying the usage, monthly consumption and dishes in which mayonnaise is used in APAC Countries

Market Diggers worked with a global consulting firm to understand the use of mayonnaise in different dishes served in APAC region.

Objective: The end client wanted to understand the different dishes in which mayonnaise is used so that any modification can be made to the flavor or mayonnaise can be custom made for any region according to the need.

Approach: Market Diggers performed extensive desk research to understand the current market size of mayonnaise in APAC countries. Questionnaire received was programmed and hosted so that the link can go live. Sample size was decided with an IR of 80%. Sample set was released and responses recorded. The results were delivered in the form of excel sheet.

Outcome: Our client a global consulting firm on the basis of the results provided by Market Diggers, prepared a detailed report and presented it to the end client.


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